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Culture Concepts is an independent research and consultancy organisation
specialising in strategic advice on culture, the arts and city development.

investigates social and economic change and develops creative initiatives and projects within culture- and leisure markets.



has long standing practical and research experience in modernising cultural institutions and their administrations in the context of emerging debates and practice.


evaluates, advises and facilitates politico-cultural decision making processes. This is based on its working knowledge of the significance of social and economic dynamics of artistic and cultural production.



transfers know-how by providing training in cultural policy making, cultural management and questions related to the cultural economy.


works with the public, private and non-profit sectors



Culture Concepts was founded in 1991 by Dr. Cornelia Dümcke. It works with a small team of full-timers and free-lancers as well as with a network of partners in- and outside of Germany.

Dr. Cornelia Dümcke has long term experience as a cultural economist and cultural adviser.